"Surf Academy was founded by João Macedo in 2000 at Praia Grande in Sintra, son of Portuguese Parents was born on June 1, 1977 in New Haven, Connecticut in the United States. He began surfing at Praia Grande with 7 years old. The hardness of  surf in the Atlantic ocean would become his greatest passion of life.

This passion has inevitably become a career all linked to the sea and the transmission of knowledge and experiences of surfing. 

After returing to Portugal from a university exchange in Newcastle , Australia besides improving his economic studies also allowed him to develop his surfing and also to complete a course of  surf coach. He finished his degree in  of Economics in the New University of Lisbon in 2000.

A professional surfer since 1993, he competed in national and European circuits, representing the Portuguese national team as a junior in 1994 and 1995. He dreamed of competing internationally at Pipeline in Hawaii in 2001.

Always maintained his active academic life, in 2002, he completed level 2 of the course of the Portuguese Surfing Federation. That same year, he worked as national coach for the  Portuguese  National Surf Team . This  year  the National Team was runner-up  for the European Title in 2002. In the same year,while acting as technical coach for the National Team  he began to develop a teaching method called Method 7. This methodology was later published in the book How to Be Surfer, which is based on learning seven levels of surfing through the knowledge of seven maneuvers to achieve advanced surfing. The maneuvers are: CurvasS, RoundHouse Cutback, Floater, Bottom-Turn, Snap, Aero and Tube. 

Surf Academy's surfing instruction manual was also published in English in California in 2004.His passion for the waves and the sea lead João to be the first European professional surfer to qualify for the Big Wave( World Surf League). In 2018 Manual 7 as a Surfer was translated into Chinese, reflecting the internationalization of the method recognized by the ISA(International Surf Association). 

As a consequence of his passion for the sea, and back to the time where he was president of the main surf club of Sintra: Sintra Line Surfing Association (ASLS), he maintained a close connection with environmental activism. This activist spirit culminated in his work for Save The Waves Coalition (www.savethewaves.org) to establish the World Surfing Reserves movement (www.worldsurfingreserves.org), co-founding and managing the program between 2007 and 2010. He continues today as ambassador for STW and for SOS (Save Our Surf). He recently collaborated with the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in the study Value of Waves and Ocean Culture (www.valueofwaves.org).

Nowadays he is one of the few European surfers in the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) in the competition Big Wave World Tour.He continues his mission to represent Portugal in the big waves, while maintaining his passion for teaching and transmitting fundamental values ​​of respect and harmony with Nature. He divides its time between the family and the competition, being fundamentally between the United States and Portugal. 

The João Macedo Surf Academy is headquartered in Praia Grande and linked to the family. It is managed by a team consisting of Luísa (Mother of João and now  Grandmother of Zézinho), Gonçalo (Uncle of João) and Andreia - lover of the sea and the beach, a friend who adopted the project of the Academy, a machine to make things happen! 

As surfing has this magic relationship with Nature it is natural that part of the experience of the Surf Academy passes by sharing the knowledge  of the best beaches of the Coast of Sintra and by addition of the Portuguese coast for the practice of the modality.