Method 7 is a training method developed by Surf Academy and officially recognized by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

Our exclusive Method was developed in a period of intense training of João Macedo with a group of elite athletes. Surfers like Nicolau Von Rupp, Tomás Valente, João Guedes, António Silva and Pedro Pinto benefited from this method.

Later, the Method was also adapted to more initiated surfers, with the creation of a specific methodology for 7 levels of Surfing Education and, consequently, diplomas for surfers that are in the foams (diploma level 1) to surfers to refine 360 ​​aerial and tubes in waves of 3 meters (diploma level 7). We develop new talents. 

We teach people of all ages the basic skills and techniques of surfing. In its purest form, Method 7 focuses on learning and refinement of SETE maneuvers.